Pre-seed + investment programme

What is the pre-seed investment programme?

Targeted enterprises

The Pre-seed Plus programme is for startups that have already recieved the Hiventures Pre-seed investment.

The startups are expected to meet all the success criteria determined by the Pre-seed investment first before they can apply for the Pre-seed Plus programme.

Ticket size and type

The funding is realized in the form of a maximum 50 million HUF. (EUR 166k) convertible (shareholder) loan, which will become a share based on the valuation determined during the next investment round.

Details of the Hiventures pre-seed plus programme

  • Amount to receive: maximum 50 million HUF (EUR 166k) in the form of a convertible loan
  • Interest: 0%
  • Conversion discount (conversion discount for pre-money valuation determined at the next round of investment): 25%
  • Maximum valuation cap at which the loan can be converted: 500 million HUF (EUR 1,6M)
  • Deadline for loan conversion: 24 months
  • Only those enterprises can apply for this that have already participated in the Hiventures pre-seed investment

Valuation criteria

  • Competitive advantage of the innovative content and product/service
  • Business safety data sheet
  • Experience of the founders
  • The team members and skills
  • Market size, market composition and competition
  • Performance stages and how the pre-seed investment has been used