Growth investment programme

Are you planning a dynamic growth and market expansion?

If the market validation is over and the next step is a dynamic sales growth and international market expansion, Hiventures growth investment programme is the solution.

Növekedési befektetési program - Miről szól?

What is the hiventures growth investment programme?

The growth rapid investment programme offers financing for startups that have already carried out the market validation process and their next step is to dynamically increase the sales volume and to expand internationally.

The growth investment programme provides funds for startups that have done market validation and their next steps are to dynamically grow sales volume and expand internationally.

We do not only provide funds but also provide help to create a strategy, develop management and to find other fundraising opportunities. As part of our portfolio we also share best practises with our startups


Növekedési befektetési program - Feltételek

How can i apply for the hiventures growth investment programme?

We are looking for start-ups that meet the following criteria:

  • as innovative businesses, have a great growth potential
  • own a solid business plan
  • the market validation of the product or service has already been concluded
  • own a solid business plan
  • the annual sales revenue is at least 50 million forints from the financing product/service
  • the next milestone is entering the international market

The amount and type of financing

Funds are provided in the form of capital increase that may be complemented by a convertible loan.

The Hiventures growth investment provides funds based on individual needs but offers a typical of 250 - 1000 million Ft (EUR 800k – 3,2M) in exchange for minority ownership. Funds are being paid out in several instalments, the ratio of the different instalments may vary.

The application and assessment process

/Online jelentkezés

Online application

/Személyes találkozó a befektetési menedzserrel

Personal appointment with an investment manager

/Üzleti terv ellenőrzése, piacelemzés és cégértékelés

Revision of the business plan, market analysis and company evaluation

/Befektetési pitch előadása a döntéshozók előtt

Present your investment pitch

/Befektetési bizottsági döntés

Decision of the investment committee

/Befektetési szerződés aláírása

Signing the investment agreement



Hiventures investment programmes


Pre-seed investment

For whom?

For the masterminds seeking funding solutions for their enterprise and who have a developed concept of an innovative product or service and they also have a team of at least 2 people.

Amount of investment

15 – 65 million HUF (EUR 50k – 210k)
9% ownership


Seed investment

For whom?

For micro, small and medium-sized businesses with a finished prototype, with a valid business plan, at least one sale made and ongoing market tests.

Amount of investment

65 – 500 million HUF (EUR 210k – 800k)
For individually agreed minority ownership


Growth investment

For whom?

For innovative enterprises with a minimum of 50 million HUF (EUR 166k) revenue and with great growth potential, their market validation is over and their next step is to enter the international market.

Amount of investment

Up to 1 billion HUF (EUR 3,2M).
For individually agreed minority ownership